John 14:6 Yeshua Messiah said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Eternal Father except through Me.

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As the Elijah Ministries teach the Divine Revelation [Eph 3:4], deliverance, favor, and release from captivity will follow. The Divine Revelation will lead to Inner healing and deliverance.

Our Mission

We as Forerunners and Servants of "YHVH" (Yahweh) are to go out and do the works of the Kingdom rather

than just be hearers of the Word​ [Jas 1:21]:

Our purpose is to teach the Divine Revelation [Eph 3:4], and for all to obtain Eternal Salvation while birthing and Regenerating Yahshua Messiah's Spirit into the true believers [Gal 4:19];

A Step Toward Deliverance

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