John 14:6 YAHUSHA said to him, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Eternal Father [YAHUAH] except by Me.

** To Preach True Eternal Salvation 'as' taught by the Apostles YAHUSHA Messiah of the 1st 300 Years of the Assembly of Messiah; while Birthing [Gal 4:19] and Regenerating [Tit 3:5] YAHUSHA Messiah's Spirit into all true believers;

A Step Toward Deliverance

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** As the Divine Revelation Knowledge of the Mysteries of Messiah [Eph 3:4] is preached; true deliverance and release from captivity will follow [which our congregation will attest to]. ** According to the Apostles; as the Divine Revelation of Messiah [Eph 3:4] is released; the Spirit of the Eternal Father YAHUAH; is released which leads to Inner healing & deliverance.

Our Mission

As Forerunners and Servants of the Eternal Father YAHUAH; we are to go out and do the works of

the Kingdom of YAHUAH 'rather' than just be hearers of the Word​ only [Jas 1:22]:

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