John 14:6 Yeshua Messiah said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Eternal Father except through Me.

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What We Believe

We as Forerunners and Servants of YHVH (God) are to go out and do the works of the Kingdom rather than

just be hearers of the Word [Jas 1:21]:​

  • A FORERUNNER refers to one that goes before or announces the coming of another;
  • A FORERUNNER serves as a prophetic sign or foreshadowing [of an event];
  • A FORERUNNER is one that proclaims or announces the coming or arrival of a notable event.

About Kent Sullivan 

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Biblical Forerunners

Our Vision
Our purpose is to teach the Divine Revelation [Eph 3:4], and for all to obtain Eternal Salvation while birthing and Regenerating the Spirit of Yahshua Messiah into the true believers [Gal 4:19].
  • The Lord is looking for a people who have eyes to see and ears to hear what He is about to do and announce it to others;
  • The forerunners, having gone the way of preparation, can then as servants of the Lord awaken the sleeping bride of Yahshua Messiah and prepare a people for the Day of the Lord;
  • The forerunners recognize the ministry of the prophetic and apostolic fathers.  They recognize the need for reconciliation and restoration of the hearts of the children (immature Christians) to the fathers, the apostles.

We do not want to put YHVH (God) “in a box” and try to limit Him to what is written on this page. As our understanding of the LORD "YHVH" grows and expands, WHAT WE BELIEVE can also change to match those new understandings.

What is a Forerunner?. 

Forerunners are marked by unction for a lifestyle or calling to a specific ministry of the following activities and works:

 The prophetic;

  • Prayer and fasting;
  • Being a friend of the bridegroom (prepare the bride)
  • End-time harvest
  • Restoration
  • Release of repentance
  • Release of judgment;
  • Release of miracles, signs and wonders.

Yahshua Messiah clearly commanded his church to preach the gospel to all creation (Mark 16:15).  The message of the gospel is not simply ‘sinners acknowledging Yeshua Messiah died for them’ so they can go to heaven. It’s about the revelation of Yeshua Messiah coming into the earth, and bringing the Kingdom of "YHVH" (God) on earth.  

We are also called to flow in the “forerunner” (Elijah {Mal 3:1 / 4:5 / Matt 17:10} and John the Baptist {Matt 17:10}) type of anointing that prepares a people for Yahshua Messiah's return.  As we preach the prophetic gospel, deliverance, favor, release from captivity, and prophetic revelation will flow out. We as Forerunners and Servants of YHVH (God) are to go out and do the works of the Kingdom rather than just be hearers of the Word. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, and cast out devils (Mat 10:7-8).

Kent Sullivan is an Apostolic Teacher who was awoken from his “Spiritual Slumber” (Pro 6:9) with a visitation from the Creator of the Universe Himself “YHVH” (YAHWEH); the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, which was thee water shed event that changed his life forever “In a Moment of a Twinkling of an Eye” [1Co 15:52].
Kent was raised up in the ministry by the Leading and Guidance of the Holy Spirit; who is the Spirit of YHVH (God), and was provided, given and shown favor amongst his peers in helping him get established.

As part of the process to get Kent ready for this walk, he has complete the School of the Prophets; and has studied [in depth] over the past 5 years the writings of the Early Church Fathers; called the Ante Nicene Fathers; which were before Catholicism [325 A.D.], to know and understand what Yahshua Messiah and His Apostles taught; in order to bring forth the Kingdom Age Message of YHVH (God) and Yahshua Messiah.

Kent has traveled to Europe and into the country of Estonia (on the Border of Russia and the Baltic Sea) to preach the "Full Gospel" of the Kingdom of YHVH (God) [Luke 4:43, Matt 6:33, Mark 4:11-12] to those who would have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear.

The Elijah / Forerunner Ministries Purpose

About Us 

Our Mission

Forerunner Characteristics

  • John the Baptist was the voice of one crying in the wilderness and charged with proclaiming the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. He prepared the way for Messiah (Christ’s) first coming;
  • Elijah was the prophet that Malachi spoke of YHVH (God) sending before the great and terrible Day of the LORD.  Some Jews practice the “awaiting” of Elijah to come, because there is an expectancy of what Elijah will usher into the earth.  Yeshua Messiah told his disciples that Elijah must come first to restore all things. Elijah’s ministry brings restoration;
  • King David through his prophetic and messianic Psalms proclaims the events of the Messiah and his crucifixion.  David also typified the kingly anointing that Messiah (Christ) has and the lineage of royalty is traced through David;
  • The Shulamite in the Song of Songs was a forerunner to the Daughters of Zion, drawing them to the bridegroom. The Shulamite typifies the true and pure church leading the carnal church into a deeper relationship with the Lover who is an example of Yahshua Messiah, the heavenly Bridegroom;
  • Yeshua Messiah is a forerunner as a high priest, because he made a way for us to enter into the Holy of Holies through the veil of his flesh.  He created a new and living way for us to approach YHVH (God) the Father.